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[Seeing this, I understand why office carpets are so popular!]
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The company office is both a corporate front and a place where every employee of the company stays at least 8 hours a day, so the office decoration, layout and comfort are indispensable. The carpet has a great say in improving the style of the office and creating the comfort of the office environment. So what are the benefits of office carpeting?

Let's take a look at Weiye Xiaobian!

Space collocation: When decorating the office, choosing to use the carpet to lay the floor is a good solution, it is more decorative. The carpets are rich in patterns and colors, and can be matched with various office styles. It is a floor decoration that is very easy to match with furniture.

Noise reduction: The carpet is also a material with sound absorption and noise reduction. The surface of the carpet is generally composed of many fine fibers. This structure can effectively reduce the reflectivity of the sound. Therefore, laying carpet in the office can achieve sound absorption and noise reduction. effect.

The role of purifying indoor air: the surface fluff of the carpet can capture and adsorb dust particles floating in the air. Although this feature is often criticized by people, in fact, as long as proper maintenance, such as regular carpet cleaning, can effectively improve the indoor air quality of the office.

The moisturizing effect is good, and the space is warmer: the carpet has good retention and conduction effect on heat due to its material and manufacturing process. Laying office rugs in the office can make the interior warmer and more comfortable.

High safety and anti-slip effect

As a kind of soft paving material, carpet has a large friction coefficient, so the carpet has excellent anti-slip performance. Even if it falls unexpectedly, the soft carpet can also protect it from falling.

Looking at the benefits of carpeting above, is it mad? I also want to put a "high-end, atmospheric, high-grade" carpet in my office? Colorful carpets make people feel good, these are inseparable from the merits of carpet-specific masterbatches~

The carpet is colored with polypropylene carpet masterbatch. The masterbatch is easy to use, and can be used as a multifunctional masterbatch by integrating a colorant, an anti-aging agent, an antistatic agent and the like. The color masterbatch is evenly colored, and the production process is stable, which can improve the quality of the product.

Tangshan Weiye Plastics Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch for more than ten years. The color masterbatch produced is complete in color, high in pigment content, bright in color, stable in quality and long in color.

Weiye specializes in the development and production of carpet masterbatch, and has extensive contacts with manufacturers such as CLAR丨ANT, BASF, DUPONT, CABOT, etc. 9 series of more than 10,000 varieties, mainly for BCF, FDY and other spinning customers to provide products.

Tangshan Weiye Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, the company has been committed to the production and research of masterbatch. At present, the company's masterbatch has 9 series of more than 10,000 varieties, operating polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch, non-woven masterbatch and other masterbatch, mainly for BCF, FDY and other spinning customers to provide products. Mission: To assist customers in producing high performance and batch stable products! We uphold the principle of customer priority and service first, and we are willing to cooperate with you sincerely to create brilliance!

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