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[China Textile City: Since the National Day holiday]
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Since the National Day holiday, the traditional market of China Textile City has been pushed up. The traditional cotton market in the traditional textile market of China Textile City has been quite smooth, and various varieties are thick and thin. However, the sales show a pattern of differentiation, and some of the former stores have a factory layout. The turnover of the operating companies and the large-scale sales outlets was relatively smooth. Some small and medium-sized business households were still relatively incomplete, and the sales of pure cotton fabrics fluctuated in an upward trend. The daily transactions continued to rise.

Recently, in the traditional market, cotton canvas, cotton gauze, pure cotton crepe, cotton poplin, cotton baline yarn and so on have various unequal quantities of grey fabrics, traditional market single dyed finished cotton cloth and full-process dyeing, The batch fabrics of multi-process dyeing and processing have a lot of batch batches, but because the rear garment manufacturing enterprises are subject to the increase of labor cost and profit margin, some small-scale business operators have a small batch of spot sales volume.

Recently, the market of dyed cotton fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City has increased slightly. The finished cotton fabrics have relatively large number of listed products, and the spot market is still relatively limited. The domestic orders of counterparts are partially placed. Partial counterparts manufacturers have increased the volume of domestic orders for foreign trade orders, and some cloth companies and large-scale sales of cotton orders have increased.

In the recent market, the woven cotton-dyed cotton layout department has increased orders, and the pure cotton yarn 20S×16S, 128×60 thick-type dying yarn Kamen frame 150CM fabric department department still has medium-volume delivery, especially the dark blue color fabric part size Bulk shipments have increased in the sex market, and Zhejiang Hangzhou has mid-size shipments.

Recently, pure cotton cloth is more popular with regular density varieties, 21S/2×10S, 72×42 pad dyed canvas, pure cotton yarn 20S×16S, 128×60 pad dyed yarn card, pure cotton yarn 16S×12S, 108×56 rolling Dyed yarn card, cotton yarn 10S×7S, 108×56 padded yarn card, pure cotton yarn 40S×40S, 133×72 pad dyed poplin, pure cotton yarn 30S×30S, 68×68 pad dyed poplin, pure cotton yarn 60S×60S, 90×88 pad dyed Balinese yarn, the transaction volume is both thick and thin, and the daily trading volume is relatively larger than other varieties. The overall market regular density cotton cloth batch has increased compared with the previous period, and the batch volume has increased compared with the previous period. Non-regular density casual cotton fabrics have more varieties on the market, and there are many varieties of transactions, but most of the varieties are relatively small, the batch size is relatively small, and the daily sales increase is limited.

In the recent market, printed cotton fabrics, yarn-dyed cotton fabrics and creative strip fabrics are popular. Some large-scale operators have increased their number of merchants, and the amount of transactions has increased. Some batches have been sold in small batches. Yarn-dyed slivers of cotton fabrics and yarn-dyed plaid cotton fabrics were sold in small batches and batches. Small batches of multi-variety batches were sold to counterpart merchants, and some expedited batches of counterpart merchants increased orders.

The order of the cotton knit layout department increased, the knitted cotton non-falling velvet door width 165CM (net side), 380 g / square meter fabrics were sold well, and the special black jersey fabric part of the large-scale operation store orders were relatively large, occasionally The whole vehicle is shipped; Zhejiang Ningbo, Cixi, Yiwu, Dongyang, Wenzhou and Taizhou Luqiao still have large batch shipments. Knitted cotton combed without velvet door width 182CM (net side), 360 g / square meter fabrics are popular, watermelon red, rose red fabrics department department orders are relatively large, some large-scale sales outlets increase. 21S combed cotton knit single-faced sanding cloth door width 185CM, 180 g / m2 fabric parts sold well, multi-batch delivery increased locally. 21S cotton knit plain cloth door 185CM, 180 g / square meter fabric sales partially smooth. 32S combed cotton knit plain fabric door width 190CM, 130 g / square meter fabric partial sales increased. 32S cotton 1×1 knit frame ribbed pure black jersey fabric bureau department city shipment increased. 32S cotton knit dyed single-sided cloth door width 165CM, 180g / square meter plum red, orange red, deep red Ze fabric department of the city in bulk delivery, Zhejiang Dongyang still has a medium volume delivery.

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